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    Hey guys i found this poem on Ken Kifer's long distance pedal bicycling site that also has numerous excellant tips for us motor assisted long distance enthusiasts
    With a host of furious fancies
    Whereof I am the commander,
    With a burning spear and a horse of air
    To the wilderness I wander.

    By a knight of ghosts and shadows
    I summoned am to tourney
    Ten leagues beyond the wide world's end,
    Methinks it is no journey.

    --- from "Tom O'Bedlam" (Anonymous)
    his site is
    By the way last May i scheduled 2 weeks holiday to tour the length of Vancouver island with my happy times (unhappy times ) 50cc engine --in Victoria the mounting studs cut thru the frame and the chain cut thru the frame too--my friend Beast 775 (Mark ) there pointed this out to me and saved my bacon --shortly thereafter the engine seized up it would have been totally expensive to get back if it had broken down away from civilization and also dangerous--this year i will use my Subaru - Robin Staton Inc.setup

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    More poetry--
    I don't care when the sun goes down
    Where I lay my weary head.
    Green, green valley or rocky road;
    It's there I'm gonna make my bed.

    and more ---
    Under a willow, there we will rest,
    Watching the fading light.
    Earth for a pillow, dreams that are blessed,
    Darkness enfolding the night.

    of course at this time of year it is easy to dream !!