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    As you may guess from the title, I'm JT, and I tinker/fix things. I also scupt, train dogs and horses, as well as trim hooves, am a firefighter, and a vintage VW and Jeep mechanic. Been a member of a number of forums and mail lists, so I shouldn't have a problem with the rules.

    Had to step behind a freind of mine's shed and saw an old beach cruiser and a 3 hp walk behind edger with a clutch. Seemed like fate. Since I'm actually getting some projects completed and out of the shop I should hopefully begin by the end of the month. Planning on a leaf spring front, and clutch to bike rim sheave belt. After a look thru your archives that may change. Anyway, glad to be here.


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    That's how it starts....you are on your way.

    Hi JT,
    Looks like you'll fit right in here. Post your progress & WE LUV PICTURES!!!!

    Welcome aboard :D