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    Hello trying to get started here just a little about me I was a sound engineer and traveled with touring bands through the 70's and 80's as a result a few women named me as the father of their children . Next thing you know a couple of child support agencies suspended my DL. I have settled most of these and am currently down to the last one and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. However during the time with no dl I needed transportation so I entered the world of motor bicycles . Three different types of motors ,a few narrow escapes from death on the road , a couple of wrecks on pavement , I found that I was addicted to motor bicycles . I have built about 5 so far (motor bicycles) the first 3 where based on the china produced 70 cc 2 strokes 1 was a 5hp honda clone motor and a comet torque converter .Currently I use a lifan honda 50 horizantal with four speed and clutch. ( see hooper imports )

    I have decent welding skills ,way to much determination for my own good a few years of mechanical experience ,and have driven cars over 180 mph . I have owned and ridden the old 2 stroke Kawasaki 3 cylinder 2 strokes at 150 + mph . I have ridden the comet torque converter bike in excess of 70 mph
    and I know that my current project can do at least 70 mph , ( I don't know or really want to know what the top end really is ) . My point is that I don't consider my self to be a wimp ,but I firmly believe that 45 mph on a motor bicycle is fast enough . and anything faster is a true death wish.

    That being said I live in naples fla and this is the main reason that the china 2 strokes are not suitable for me . it seems the wheather here has so much moister that the ignition system regularly self destructs . I do believe that the horizantal honda fifty clones are the way to go if you need a high mileage dependable daily commuter . the draw back is you will have at least one thousand dollars us invested . It has been my experience that in the long run it is the better choice ,as currently I have over 4 thousand miles on it . The only thing I have had problems with has been to tighten bolts valve adjustment and tire failure.
    That being said

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    Welcome Jtotten. I have a couple of horizontal single Hondas. A 72 CT70, for which I just bought one of those Lifan clones, not yet installed, and a C70 on the original motor. Post some pictures if you can. I would have thought that even the little geared Lifans would be too much for a bicycle frame unless its a trike like Alaskavan is building.
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    Right now I'm Trying to get a camera for pictures as for the 70 being to much no way I use a 140 with a cam and extreme hp and toque upgrades . Not for speed but to test the durability of the frames . The key is how you modify the frame . I use a pit bike frame and weld it into the stretch cruiser frame . This transfers the load to the rear section and only uses the front to steer. On the trike or any bike for that matter most of your welds are at or about 80,000 pounds in shear strength . Almost all but the lightest whieght bicycle frames are rated at or above this.Again the idea is to build your strenght where the torque is If you can get to a wieght distrubution of 70 /30 rear 70 front 30 keeping the engine and torque load in the 70% no problem.
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    I will say though past 45 mph is insane on a bicycle
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc. I was getting concerned when you wrote that the clone was not the "way to go" for a daily commute. I was relieved when you identified the initial investment as the drawback.
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    welcome! what took ya so long to get here?
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