Jug turned around, jug turned around

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  1. Hey every one! Been checkin' out the forums for a while and decided to show off my Nothanda=) Dax80 ported, recently reversed the top end, modded left brake shifter pod for clutch(I use the thumb shifter only), the vid pretty much explains. Runs like a dream! Prolly close to a 1000 miles on it now. Oh, it's on a GF Wahoo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZis_rzvFLQ
    Ride safe everyone!:dunce:

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  3. Thanks for linkin' that for me. Thats why the dunce cap fits me so well=) What did ya think of my work? Any tips?
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    looks good, I have seen the turned jug before
    (azvinnie <my son-in-law>does it to most of his builds)
    I like the ram-air tube :)
  5. Just keepin' the air from gettin' crud in it. No bennies other than that I don't think. Thanks though, read about the reversed top end from the other forum and thought, neato! Again I dont think it gives any help on the perf. side but it sure does look cool plus not alot of people have done it.
    Also, if anyone would like to know how to get rid of snap realease that you get with those shift/brake pods if you're using one for your clutch, I HAVE THE ANSWER=) I saw how they were advertising those things(shift\brake pods) to add to your kit. That's not a three speed....What?....How does that work? Anyway, if you have one I can help you keep from burnin' up your clutch with it.