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    Hello everyone. This is Ash and I'm about to do my first build.
    I'd like to thank everyone who's posted on the forum while I've been doing research into this hobby.

    Ok, I'm a stay at home dad who also gigs as a freelance video shooter and editor.
    I've been thinking about building a motorized bicycle for a couple of years now and I'm finally jumping in.
    I've got a background in technical theater, A/V and video production but, like so many of us, I'm interested in much much more.
    Some personal firsts this year include building some chairs from scratch and a dining room table for my mother-in-law, running a 5k, running a 10k, built a working electric guitar from scraps and pouring a patio. Add motorized bicycles to the list. I love building things that actually do something. This seems like a pretty tight community so I can't wait to get started.

    I posted a thread over on the General Discussion board about a question I had about the 4G t-belt drive tranny.
    Check it out if you know anything about them. I'd appreciate any help!

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    Once you get your bike built, then shoot some videos of your rides. Do a walk around of your bike and describe it before the ride. Helmet cams work really good. Also look at your speedometer some so we can see how fast your going. A second rider with a helmet cam can make an even better video. You'll be able to show some really great angles. A good video editor and some background music and everybody will be talking about your videos.

    I encourage people to make videos of responsible riding. Irresponsible riding videos only encourages others to ride irresponsible.