June '07 BIKE of The MONTH CONTEST!!



sorry, folks...Bike-o-Month is still way under-construction...when the software change occurs, there will be many more details in place.

for now, we'll wing it.

how to enter:

send one full-bike picture*, along with your MBc username, to augidog@motoredbikes.com & use "bike of the month" in the subject line.

*all pictures will be displayed in 600 pixels wide .jpg format...it would be best to resize your picture before sending it in.

entry deadline will be thursday the 31st of may at midnite (pst)

the entrant must be on the MotoredBikes.com active memberlist.

the entry must be a motor-assisted-bicycle. it has to be a bicyle with an engine or motor. tell you what, tho...if you can get enough gerbils in a big enough treadmill to go 20mph, we'll accept that, too :LOL:

the entry must be owned by the entrant.

the winner will be featured on the MotoredBikes.com top banner for one month & the owner will
receive a graphic "trophy" for use in posts if you like 8)

ok, guys & gals, let's see what you've got!!
just a reminder, all previous entrants MUST re-submit a new entry for this month's contest. you can use the same pic, but you have to send one to me this time.
mine looks like hell thats why I have not posted pictures yet.. it looks like something that is best left to umm yeah... The paint is damaged... I haven't hit anything? there is mud everywhere BWAAA BWAAA!! yeah I kinda had to go through a drainage ditch after it rained... the fenders got demolished and I had brake parts fly off :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

Seriously I am going to replace the bicycle I am on currently shortly as I do not know how well the mikes hard lemonade bike is going to hold up shes getting a beating and barely got mileage on her :eek:

The good news is I can still stop and brakes work

But hey the engine is great! :LOL: :LOL:
4 entries, now :)

i know we didn't give y'all much time this month, as i said we're still rocking out the details of bike-o-month.

we can do better than 4, i was hoping to beat last month's 7, so bring it on!