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    I just got back from an 18 mile ride and noticed goo at the base of the
    jug. I can feel the little bit of excess gasket that hangs past the base of crank case has turned to mush. My head bolts were properly tight. Anybody know
    first hand who sells some decent gasket material that I can use that is better than the ones that come stock with the bike? This one is a replacement that I bought from Piston bikes when I rebuilt my engine last summer. I'm getting tired of replacing every single thing on the bike one piece at a time. Paper gaskets suck.

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    While I haven't done it *yet*, it seems that all the gaskets sold by the common vendors are made out of the same material. The only way to get a better quality gasket is to purchase better gasket material from an auto parts store and trace out the shape using a good condition gasket as a template, then cut it yourself.

    If a vendor out there reads this and you do sell high quality gaskets, I.E. not the Chinese made ones, please correct me!
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    I just took the top end off and traced out the bottom of the jug . Piston and cylinder walls looked good and not burnt or scratched, I'm happy..I've already widened the exhaust port, and intake, and lowered the bottom of the intake about 1/4 inch from stock. Its made a big difference.
    I made my own gasket out of some gasket material that I used a while ago
    for my intake. That's still holding up 100 miles or so. I wish someone sold some QUALITY gaskets.
    Only rode about a half mile to test the new one out. So far so good
    but maybe another long thrashing tomorrow will be in order.
    Today I had no mercy on my engine, after all I built it to ride, not look at.
    Mr.Gasket makes several kinds of make-your-own gasket material, but I'm too cheap today to spend $12 for the materials. The Pep Boys stuff I used is fiber based too. I still need feed back on brands that you might have tried yourself. Admit it, someone out there has used a cereal box for gasket material Let's hear your what your thrifty imaginations have come up with.
    The stock material looked like it dissolved. Total ****.
    I've heard of stock intake gaskets decomposing into mushy goo causing leaks
    so keep an eye on yours. These 2 strokes won't run very long if they're running too lean.. too long
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    I use 0.8mm oil-jointing paper for the inlet and haven't had any problems. Stays hard and never goes mushy.

    Here's one that did, Rock Solid Engines' laser-cut inlet gasket. It went soft and started swelling. Absolute rubbish.
    It took only a few short rides to end up in this condition. As a bonus, a lot of the gasket was sucked into the engine as it swelled.

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    If I have to make a small gasket I use a file folder. It is non porous and won't disintegrate. I also use Indian head sealer applied with a artist paint brush. When I open the bottle I cut/pull the applicator (cotton ball) out and trash it. The best way to make a gasket is if you order any parts order a set of gaskets and put them up for a pattern. To cut the stud holes in the gasket you can use the appropriate bullet casing, and file a sharp edge. Set material on a piece of wood and strike with a hammer to cut holes. For those of you that live in "Gun Free" countries, something of the like will work.