Junk Kickstand M-Wave Steel Double Leg

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  1. lordoflightaz

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    M-Wave Steel Double Leg Side Bicycle Kickstand It just doesn't cut the mustard. It has 4 spot welds to hold the legs on. After a week I noticed that one of the legs was leaning forward. Yesterday one of the legs just fell off. This was the one on the right side, which I did not use to lower the stand. I am going to try to weld the leg back on.

    Overall the quality of the stand is pretty cheap. I probably will have to replace the spring as well. This is what I get for trying to save a few bucks.

    My Pyramid Alloy kickstand, from Spookytooth, is far superior, even though I had to add some rubber stoppers at the bottom to make it the right height on a standard 26" frame. The stoppers also greatly improve the way the bike sits on the stand.

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  2. fetor56

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    Oh dear,a friend has one of these stands(dunno if it's EXACTLY the same) that he wants to sell.
    I'll take a good look at the welds just to be sure nothing nasty might happen.
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Anybody know where I can get a kickstand that will keep the rear tire off the ground? My long term plan is to install a generator to charge cell phone and/or provide some lighting when camping but this will require the rear wheel to be free off the ground.
  4. Mountainman

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    yes those 26" wheels

    I also have the Spookytooth center stand
    with (added with some epoxy) as you too -- rubber stoppers for extra height

    I was down the mountain the other day at a local small HT dealer
    he had some center mount stands on his MBs -- I liked a lot
    they were adjustable both legs -- seemed pretty heavy duty -- can get really high
    as you have mentioned -- I like the extra height with the 26"

    ride the motor bike
  5. lordoflightaz

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    Sounds like that would work for Skyliner any brand name? In the garage I just park my bike on a 2x6 to get the wheel higher.

    My M-Wave was overhauled yesterday. My neighbor welded it back together I don't think these welds will fail
  6. Mountainman

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    I will work on getting that brand name from him
    I enjoyed meeting and talking with the HT gentleman
    he didn't know about this site
    expect him here soon -- I think

    ride the motor bike
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    It sounds a bit like a stand that I tried a while back. But mine was aluminum.

    When down, it was a two-leg, center stand. But the right side leg would fold up under the front of the rear wheel, so that both legs were on the left side of the bike when up. Looked like a neat stand.

    But it was expensive, hard to get, and complete garbage.
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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  9. sabala

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    Can this be attached to a mountain bike with GEBE? I think I saw one in the "recycle" basket at the bike co op I go to, I'ill have to head back there Monday to double check.
  10. Mountainman

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    two different adjustable kickstands

    the gentleman is on site here now ------- Crowcycleco
    he has at least two different adjustable stands that we saw
    one adjustable with the legs sliding in with just the touch of a button
    the legs on the other screw up and down

    ride the motor bike thing
  11. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I'm not sure since I haven't received it yet.

    I'm presuming that the stand attaches and pivots from the rear axle. I've heard that you can relocate your GEBE support strut attachment from rear axle to frame dropout. By doing so you should have ample room on the rear axle for the bikestand attachment.

    I'm only PRESUMING, since I don't have the stand yet.

    I'll keep you informed when I receive it.
  12. azbill

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    I have one of those stands...had it on my deviate chopper
    it will only fit a single speed frame
    it won't fit anything with vertical dropouts or a derailleur

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