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    I purchased 2 kits from e-bay. They are identical kits with a 66cc engine with a direct drive config. The problem is the poor quality parts that I received. I spent $180 for each of these kits and many of the parts are just total junk. One of the clutch levers that I got was so poorly made, the button that holds the clutch open was drilled too thin so that it wouldn't even hold the lever open and while I was testing it the spring jest fell off. They sent me another one but the springs that hold the lever are like paper clip sized p of metal that are certain to break within 50 miles. I've only gone about 30 miles with the one that was usable and I can already see the spring on starting to break. Also, the rubber spark plug cap won't stay in place because the rubber was drilled 2 sizes to large. It is so loose that iit won't even start. I wedged a piece of rubber in the hole to try to get it to stay on but it only lasts a few miles before it vibrates off. I've only gotten one bike running so far and the engine seems to run pretty good. The carb seems to be operating properly but some of the bolts that came with it were so poorly machine made that the threads won't even screw into a nut. I had to go to my hardware store to get some bolts with usable threads. My kit came with a throttle that claims to have a "built in kill switch" but it really doesn't. It is just a throttle. It was just a way to jip you out of a kill switch. I can go get a kill switch from home depot but it's sad that they jip you out of one. I know these things are made in China but some of the parts are total junk. I live in CA this is one of the few places that would even send me a kit. Most places say they will not ship to CA because of the oppressive leftist government here who claim that something that gets 150 miles to the gallon is bad for the environment. I am posting this as a warning to everyone thinking of getting these cheap Chinese kits.

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    All of this stuff is common knowledge with these kits.
    One of the first things that i usually recomend is to get rid of the supplied nuts, bolts and washers and get some betters ones from the hardware store. assemble everythiung using blue lock tite.
    The stock spark plug, wire and boot are garbage and they should be one of the bext things to get replaced. You can just unscrew the wire from the cdi box by twisting it, and screw a new one in (use an automotive plug wire with a rubber boot). the stock plug wire boot is not rubber, it's plastic with a rubber grommet on the end.
    The throttle housing should have a yellow button built into it, that is the kill switch. If you got a throttle without a kill switch something is wrong because every lkit i have ever seen has a throttle with a built in kill switch.

    yes, the majority of these kits are cheaply made with cheaply made parts, but that's what you get for the money. all of the minor parts can be easily replaced.
    everything that you have mentioned about the quality is common knowledge.
    if you want better quality you will have to step up to a japanese or american made 4 stroke, but be prepared to pay 3-4 times as much for just the engine.
    These chinese 2 strokes are throw away engines, but you can get a lot of life (and a ton of fun) out of one if it's put on the bike correctly with quality hardware, maintained properly and tuned right.
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    motorpsycho: Yeah, I guess I should have done a little more research on these things before I decided to get them. I guess I will have to get 2 new spark plug caps and at least one new clutch lever (I will just wait for the ones that came with it to break. I'm going to have to buy 2 kill switches, there are no buttons on the throttle. The only way to kill it is to pop the clutch at very low RPMs. I'm kinda afraid to order on the internet because I fear poor quality. I hope the engines doesn't just burn out too quickly, I'm trying to keep the RPMs down while I break them in and I'm using 16/1 mix on the gas. Any suggestions??