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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Hazard99, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Hey guys I'm am new and really confused about a lot of things I'm seeing. Engine sizes 2 stroke vs 4 stroke. Legal or Illegal in California. So I'm not real sure about anything. So the situation is I got a new job and need reliable transportation till I can save for a car. This maybe a year or more time. Google maps says I'll travel about 13 miles to and from work. Their are some Steeper grade Hills and that's where my worry is. I am a big guy all of around 260 I work in a office wear I don't want to be soaking wet by the time I get there so what I'm wondering is about motor types and the power I need to haul myself around. Sorry for any typos I'm mobile.

  2. dougsr.874

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    If you're looking for realiability forget the standard Chinese 2 strokes....that's why they are cheap, with lots of works you can keep one running for awhile. The best kit I've used is the HuaShang 4 stroke with a Stage 3 or Stage 4 gearbox...DO NOT BUY WHAT THE SCAM ARTISTS CALL A STAGE 5....It is simply a name they have given to the "hoot" gearbox, which is worthless.
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    Thanks for the reply. I was speaking with my boss and it was his thought that I'd destroy these little motors due to size. So if that's the case What's the difference between having one of these and having a scooter with 49cc motor. Is there something I'm missing when it comes to the Vespa like scooters?
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    a scooter would be a good idea although a 50cc would have marginal power for taking you uphill. Depends on the gearing.
    Keep in mind that a four stroke engine has half the peak power of the same sized two stroke engine.
    So a 50cc two stroke would be equal to a 100cc four stroke.
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    These motorised bicycle engine kits won't give you the kind of day in and day out reliability (without constant maintenance) that you are looking for, so a Honda scooter would be a better option.

    That said, and from my experience, the 66cc Chinese 2-stroke motorized bicycle engine is surprisingly reliable once you've added aftermarket parts onto the engine.
    Even so, you will have to do daily maintenance of around an hour to keep the bike reliable. If you start to skip daily maintenance, the bike will fail to give you consistent reliability, which is an absolute requirement when using the bike to get you to work - on time!
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    an hour? a day?

    pffft. yeah yeah, i know, i cant talk, but...if you actually check things on a "fairly" regular basis, and have a fair degree of mechanical aptitude...you will *just* get by with almost forgetting about everything....including to check the fuel level each morning! and dont trust things like the supplied chain, etc. they definitely need upgrading if you dont want to have a serious accident.

    yeah...guess who forgot about fuel this morning? :jester: i always seem to run out about 400 yards from home... strange that... :jester:

    but, by the sound of this post...get a scooter! they have a windscreen, leg shields, somewhere to put the shopping, and should last you out for years with minimal care. they sort of retain their value...if you get one for a grand, chances are youll be selling it for a grand next year ;) some increase in value!!!!

    my old c90 (honda cub, 90cc 4stroke) managed to lug me (120lb) and my mate(erm...i guess 200lb?) up a fairly long windy hill....in top gear too :) sure, the suspension was scrubbing out and it made strange noises but it did it! lasted me for years, that thing, until i wrapped it around the rear bumper of a car!...with my leg acting as a cushion...:ack2:


    for something that was built in 1964, it was pretty good :)

    im doing up my even older c50 now, just because a lifan 140cc engine bolts straight in :)
  7. Fabian

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    Sometimes it's more than an hour long inspection/adjustment/parts replacement.
  8. HeadSmess

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    with that part ill agree 100% no arguments.

    i felt like changing back to a 44t.

    and chuck in a 3speed hub while im at it.

    well, i started 6pm last night, and i guess...i guess its time to grease and reassemble this hub, then start lacing....and mount that 44t...etc etc etc... 15 hours later :) so in another 2 i might be rolling again...might... if i get off here ;)
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    I've got enough red loctite in my bike that I just have to make sure I have fuel
  10. Fabian

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    When it comes to motorised bicycles, Loctite is your greatest friend.