Just A Goodbye



This is Wizardofozone, and I havn't dropped in in months, but just wanted to do 2 last things ... thank all of you who helped me do my 2 bike builds, and say a final farewell.My life has taken a truly unexpected twist and at 60 years old I find I'm about to be divorced and moving to my home town of Pittsburgh Pa.where I believe that last fully converted,lighted and plated Whizzer style look will neither be appreciated nor legel. The Chrome Stallion is on Ebay with no reserve and I could kick myself silly for not setting one,because a first bidder has a $700 bid in.If you followed that build at all or check it out in the forum pic section (see Chrome Stallion) you'll see he's getting quite a package for that bid. I would rather see one of the regulers in here get it as it truly was a careful and clean build with some unique improvements as described in posts all over the forum in 2007. Anyway, thanks for the great time of fun and a wonderful bunch of guys to share this great and weird hobby ! All the best,

Wow. This forum loses a valuable asset with your departure. You built some nice bikes. I hope things work out for you.

Probably all for the best ... The situation was declining slowly over the last 8 years .... In some ways it will be good to actually not have to perform all the 'marriage rules'... those ****ed daily compromises where neither is ever getting what they want fully, just equal divisions that end up as a ******* child solution neither respects nor feels pleased with ... funny how over the years the darndest things can slowly add up to literally hundreds of annoyances from the way your mate might eat, or snore, or nag, or can't iron, or can't clean a house ... no matter which I name someone here can identify with at least one of the things I've just mentioned and of course there are a skillion more ... just would rather be 40ish doing all these changes ...
I'm sorry. This is a drag. Best of luck to you.

Maybe you'll find some legal way of riding in PA?

Even if not, you oughtta check in here from time to time.
Yeh,you're right ... I'm so in the spirit of 'loss mode' I forgot that I needn't really lose the 'virtual' life now do I ? (She's not getting my 2 computers and that one is is already a closed deal ... I cannibalized the first build, the "Red Peril", but the engine is complete and after I see how tough Pa. is and what the freedoms or limitations are I might start a new build after I settle in and the antsyness of all this trouble ebbs away a bit after a few months.
Sorry to see you go. I hope it all works out well for you. I've been divorced 5 years now. Motored Bikes and MBc has been the first fun happy thing I've experienced in those five years. Stick around.
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Thanks, Scott ... man, I now know what Job from the Bible felt like ... heh, to add miserable insult to injury, during the last few months of increased arguments that finally led up to this divorce, I caught a simple 14 day flu ... really like a double cold but bearable and I lost my ability to smell anything at all, which automatically means you also can't taste. Now its been 16 weeks and that virus totally affected my nerve bulbs (as specialist described it) so what I have left is only the tastebud sensations of sweet,sour,salt,and bitter .... but I could be eating a sugared turd now and never know it ! .... really bad too because I'm claustrophobic and it makes you feel detached from the world ... like eating 'stage prop' food. I'd normally say that whole mess stinks, but I guess the phrase would now be inappropriate. The doctor says it might return in 6 months to a year,but many never get the sense of smell back.
Ugly business is divorce! At 60 you're still young enough to have fun and you will in time. I'll be your neighbor in Maryland. If you don't have the energy to motorbike, there's always scootin and some sweet deals to be had out there. You'll be allright Wizard, I've done it three times and it didn't kill me.
Oh wonderfull Wizard sorry to hear you go,but where ever you go Gods speed.louis
Chin up,man. You're free now.
It will get better.
What would happen if say one of us bids $1,500 on your bike just so you can bring it back with a reserve?
Yes,it's shady,but so is a guy getting that bike for 7 hundred.
Then maybe we'll get out bid?
Where's the link to that bad boy?
I would totally buy it if I had the money.
I think I remembered that bike.
It's unfair of e-bay to not let you put a reserve after the fact.
Could YOU bid on your own bike?
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