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    Hello everybody, i'm new here and new to motor bikes(but not scooters and mopeds) in general. I have been scanning this forum for the last week or so, and have learned quite a bit of usefull info... so thank you all in advance!

    Basic info about me... i've been a professional tattooist for about 10 years, have two kids ages 9 and 13, recently divorced, and i love my great dane.

    I've wanted to do a motor bike of an occ chopper for about 5 years but only recently was able to(thank god again she, the ex-wife, is gone):grin5: so about 2 weeks ago i found a bike, ordered the motor, mount and exhaust, i finished the bike in rough form in about 4 hours total build time.

    so to wrap this hello up.... Thanks again in advance for the future info and help, you guys seem really organized here.

    (i would have included pics but it seems to not be working right now)

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    Welcome to MBc, try the pic thing again....it should work.
    To bad you live so far from Texas.....I am thinking of a new Tat.