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    I know it's none of my business so I hope you don't mind me asking, but I was just curious as to why and more importantly WHEN give me vtec was banned? I swear he was posting as late as when I went to bed, now I wake up and all his posts are labeled 'Banned' heh.

    Just curious.


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    Oh, and another while i'm at it haha.

    I was wondering what the process is for getting a vendor added to the rating subforum? I've had a great experience with my vendor, dispite being quite small, and would appreciate being able to give him some positive publicity.

    Let me know, cheers,
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    Thanks for getting back to me Tom,

    I realized I probably can't post in there because although it seems like forever i've been here, I don't think its even been 30 days yet.

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    New Question... different subject, but it's still a note to the admins...

    For some reason I'm getting thread restrictions in areas that I have been posting for months. Some areas are okay and others are not and there have been no infractions or anything that I'm aware of to cause it.

    Are other people experiencing being "logged off" whenever they enter zones that they frequently post?

    For example, I've posted in the electric component area for months and now it's unavailable.

    However, it does seem like sometimes there is "logging off" but it clears up after some period of time.

    Is there some new posting limit in place?


    Update: Okay, that's weird... I managed to post this time... hmmmm.... might be a problem on my end...
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    Try clearing cookies and cache, logging off and back on again, and make sure you are visiting www.motoredbikes.com instead of just motoredbikes.com