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i was talking to a vietnamese fellow today,and we were talkin about motored bicycles.he said that the police dont bother with them in vietnam as long as there not breakin any laws.he wants to do this here but the police said he would get fines up to 8,000 dollars..i said that its such a grey area in the western hemisphere.you can shoot up heroin on the streets in canada.they just move you along.but if your using alternative transportation that they cant make money on you ,your a criminal.id like to hear from some folks who ride these bikes about maybe something i dont know about?legislation ideas and such.i know roland from spooky tooth does and knows alot.maybe get our heads together and come up with an idea......thanx


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Sep 30, 2006
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I'm off the more radical thatsdax thinking on this whole matter


The 50 cc rule for me is irrelevant, you guys whisper amongst yourselves on that criteria.

But if safety and courtesy are followed, I really don't think your cops have a leg to stand on, IF they think the rider will plead NOT GUILTY all the way to the Supreme Court, or whatever you call it up there.


ya im starting to figure the site out

i just ride regardless,have been for about 14 years now.if i see a possible situation i shut down.easy.it would be nice to carry around something just in case.maybe ill just go ahead and do it.enough of this subject====