Just another Aussie!



Been visiting the outside of this here fine establishment for the last few days and after perusing the relevant newbie info, I thought it appropriate to introduce myself.

So g'day, I'm Reddbak!

Me grey-matter is soaking up a terrific amount of ideas ("Like he needs more?" says 'She whom I don't obey':cool:) and answers to my many questions re-motor installation and controls.

I herniated a couple of discs in the late 80's which to date has put me on some potent meds that affect my control responses in a motor vehicle. So I decided a more leisurely means of transport was required to haul my considerable bulk across this here planet.

The image below is my 5th bicycle chopper and it's copping a shiny new 2-stroker this weekend if all goes according to plan, **** I might even top-coat the thing. :eek:


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go you good thing


Few years ago I did my disk and I can still remember that pain shooting down the back of my buttocks... not nice so I'm feeling it for ya. Once it took me 15 minutes to get out of the chair in a movie theater! I found exercise helped and now I only get the occasional twinge.

On a happier note, very nice ride. Looks like you have been in touch with the Hellbourne crew. Is that where you got those forks from? Have you thought about some big springs for you seat to help the back?


back at yer

Thanks fellas! :cool:

@ dbigkahunna: I reckon the steak the missus and I devoured last night was from Texas eh.:)

@ go you good thing: Sorry, but I've never heard of the 'Hellbourne Crew'. I do get a lot of inspiration from the BR&K site.

The springer front is my own design and fabrication. After a previous failed lesson in spring pre-tension this version works well and is adjustable for spring preset via a long 6mm bolt up the centre of the springs. The spring blade dropouts also screw up or down for niggly alignment issues, but the next set will have adjustable fork-blades.

Yeah I've had a helluva time with seats and saddles and custom made several before the final design proved satisfactory. As I've mentioned elsewhere this version is quite simply jig-sawed from a plastic outdoor seat. The back-rest is also from the same seat and the only cushioning is thin foam sheet and the vinyl covering. I think it's more the large width spreading out my 118kg loading that is helping, plus a set of bound and rebound springs like the front-end.:D

The big test will be early '08 when I again try to ride 20kms in the local city to beach fun-run. I've only managed 5klms last year, having nearly collapsed from trying to grin and bear the pain of the last saddle. :eek: Luckily the new frame and saddle is low enough to just spread the old pins out for stability in these situations.

At the present time I don't like my chances of successful engine fitment as my MiG's gearbox has packed it in and the tubing on that ride is very light guage pagola poles. :rolleyes:

So I'll keep this Mule as a pedaller and fabricate a frame around the new engine etc.:cool:


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Biting the bullet!

I'm so inspired by the positive threads in these forums I ceased my procrastinations about fitting this engine and made an executive decision.

Yep, out came the angle-grinder and off came a support tube.:eek:

Reckon on a test start-up tomorrow sometime. :D

The images are of the engine temporarily positioned and a set of plastic MTB fenders I stencilled and sprayed for the previous build.


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