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Raleigh Retroglide 2005 with aluminium frame with 70cc.

Did all the suggested things at MBc to make it a quick and reliable ride :D



Apr 24, 2007
go you good thing said:
Did all the suggested things at MBc to make it a quick and reliable ride :D
That's what we like to hear! :D

"Just another cruiser"? No, friend... thats your cruiser. Looks good 8) 8)
I was wondering about the front mount, also. It's been said that drilling a hole in frame is bad, so some detail of it may help future builds.
Happy :mrgreen:


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Dec 15, 2006
nice looking build :D
I agree that is not JUST another cruiser, it is all yours my friend 8)

go you good thing

Thank you for your comments.

I guess you are correct, I am very happy with it but compared to some of the rides you have well......... :D

Everyone here who has posted tips that helped me build it also has a small claim to it....non refundable however!!!

This was my 3rd attempt at motorising a bike over the last number of years and I will have to post some pictures of the other attemts as I can laugh at them now.

The front engine mount is a real easy fix to the fat bar problem and it has lasted very well. I posted it here a while ago:



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Wow. That's very close to my bike but the front tube is more oval.
Very nice job!
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Can anyone tell me what's the measurement between those two bolts on the original mount? My frame may just be thin enough to clear.

I obviously don't have my engine yet,but it would be cool to know!

I don't see a tensioner. I think personally it's fugly.
How you doing without it?

go you good thing

Thanks LF.

I managed to get away with not using the tensioner just by the position of the motor and the wheel in the frame (luck!). I focused on getting the chain tension correct on the motor side then managed to use a half link on the pedal side to get it close to right. I may need to use the tensioner on the pedal side as it still could do with being a bit tighter. I rarely pedal so it is not important :D


May 1, 2008
I'm considering getting the Retroglide7 for my MB project. Did you remove the fenders for aesthetics or was there some issue with them?

I don't plan to ride in the rain really, but that doesn't mean the roads won't be wet. ;)