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  1. I figure it's time to send my bike this way. These shots were taken at the grocery store where I bought two large cans of Pork and Beans and ten packages of six corn on the cobs cause they were on sale for 69 cents a package. Can't go wrong there. It took two bags and the lady double bagged both of them. It hooked right up to my front hook and came home no problems whatsoever.
    One thing I'm so not proud of. When eager to get my bike going I discovered that my front tube was just a tad too big for that front mount. I mounted that included front frame kit and was willing to drill a hole but the remainding clearance around the carby seemed really tight. I really wanted to mount it without that kit,so I took a sledge hammer to that steel frame right to that tube and it did actually narrow it some. Still a no go so I took my grinder and took off some metal till it bolted on. Then the studs were too short and I couldn't find studs but I did find bolts that worked.
    I'm not proud of this cause on one side I grinded enough to actually make a little hole. The bolt is covering it so you can't really see it but I know it's there.
    Every day I check for any cracking and so far I'm lucky;it seems to be holding up pretty well after about 250 miles of mostly 15 to 18 mph cruising speed. I wonder if this isn't as bad as drilling a hole. Drilling would leave two holes in the tube. I have one.
    Maybe I lucked out but I don't even know if I should reccomend anyone doing it this way.
    This winter I'm gonna paint it another color. I'm thinking I should leave the engine alone,but I may change my mind once I have paint in hand.
    I'll take close ups of that frame where I grinded the next chance I get.

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  2. Hammer

    There has never been a more useful tool. The Sledge rules...
  3. So...so...it's okay? :D
  4. spunout

    spunout Member

    Nice bike! looks comfy!
    My downtube is extremely fat, and i had to use the adapter. two holes drilled thru the tube.

    i've (pretty closely) calculated 6,000 miles in a year and a half. no cracking yet *crosses fingers*.

    although, mike simpson might say something about tensile strength, and advise not to do that. he knows more than i, so maybe i just got lucky.
  5. Dockspa1

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    I too, drilled through the large tube but I tack welded it, top and bottom. No problems yet. 4 or 5 months.
  6. Alaskavan

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    Nice looking ride. I hate making holes in the frame, but I've done it.
  7. mac

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    Oh,I love it!!

    Can it get any better?

    Sledge hammers!


    Drilling holes!

    Please--OH PLEASE--don't stop!

    It's not about the bike that makes me want to read all this stuff--rather, it's the comic attempts to make things work!

    By the way--I have a old V-8 which threw a rod.

    Can someone help me find a way to sledge hammer and weld it to my bike which was manufactured in 1903.

    The guy who sold it to me says it rides railroad ties real smooth.
  8. uncle_punk13

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  9. gone_fishin

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    what he said...

    mac, either you forgot to add laughing and winking smilies, which would show you at least have some sense of humor...or, you just don't get...and (if that's the case) not only do you not get it, you apparently don't have anything productive to do with your time... :p
  10. Surprisingly,after 1200 miles now,no cracks!
    This is way off topic,but if you throw a rod on a V8 and have no funds,drain your oil,drop your pan,remove the con rod(leave the piston in there so gas don't go in your oil pan. It won't come out anyway.Your crankshaft is in the way) and the push rods and rockers on that cylinder so your valves don't go up and down(keep the lifters in there. It won't come out anyway without a fight.),put the valve cover and oil pan back on,add the old oil back in(remember. You're broke),start her up and be on your way.Remove your spark plug wire but leave the plug on there.
    Yes. It works.
    I was going to Colorado from New York by myself and stopped at a gas station off the highway. This dude had his Caddilac sitting on the side engine idling CLANK CLANK CLANK with this total look of dispair.
    He had tools all in his trunk and had mechanical skills so I told him what he should do. I helped him get that yacht up his car ramps using my car,looked underneath and saw that nothing got in the way of the oil pan. I ate some lunch and about an hour later I seen he had already taken out the broken bottom half of the connecting rod.(He left the other half in there. Can't get it out without taking out the piston)
    So I gave him some help with handing tools. He had a buddy with him helping out. Another hour had passed and he had gotten it all together. Started it up,idling a bit off but no CLANK CLANK CLANK was heard. Told me he had about 500 miles to go. I followed him about 50 miles to his exit. I'm sure he made it home.

    WOW. Look at how clean my bike was back then. It's so beyond dirty right now.
    I need to get a can of engine degreaser and high pressure hose this puppy at the car wash.
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    I like the idea that in this day and age people are still willing to help...nice story.
  12. srdavo

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    yup....cool story!!

    be careful with the high pressure at the car wash......unless you have a dry magnito in your pocket!

    been there...ruined that!! :lol:
  13. Alaskavan

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    Large, I don't wash mine until the dirt outweighs the bike.
  14. azbill

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    a trick I learned from the guy who lettered my tow truck (3500$ worth of airbrushing - I really wanted the letters to stay on the truck)
    wet with a hose, (low pressure from a house tap), use windshield washer fluid and sponge to wash it (removes grease and/or salt, but is gentle to paint)
    rinse, then dry with a micro-fiber
    thats what I have done on every vehicle I wash since then
  15. Proboscis

    Proboscis Guest

    I'm sporting the same Diamond back frame

    As Azktronic says is right about washing a car. nice pre soak.... but windshield washer fluid? It's like the same price of gas here in calgary :) The worst cars to wash are black metallics.
  16. Yea I'm gonna get away from high pressure.
    What I REALLY need to do is disassemble the whole bike so I can paint it all nice and grease the bearings and stuff.
    I was SUPPOSED to do it during the winter but like every time I was gonna commit,I ended up riding it!
    Now spring is coming.
    I'm gonna have to build me another bike so Moop can get the attention it deserves.
    Proboscis. You're talking about Dorkbike 2? YES! That's the same frame!
    I didn't even pay attention to that till you mentioned it.
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  17. kenspice

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    Hey Mac! Hold off a bit! These guys are trying to show newcomers that there are different ways of accomplishing a task beside the standard everyday way. Sometimes fixing your bike, even with a sledge hammer may be a useful way of getting you back to a place where you can do the repair properly. No one in their right mind would ever think of making a permanent fix with a sledge hammer. As for the gentleman who made the first bicycle ride
    from the west to the east coast should be commended for his seemingly impossible skills and perserverence. You, Mac, would be hard pressed to take across town the contraption he had to ride across the U.S. Just think, most of his trip was on railroad tracks and dirt roads and trails. If you read his report closely you would see he had other skills as well. He said himself that he shot many coyotes at 200 yards with an old 38 caliber pistol. Anyone who handles fire arms knows that even with todays telescopic sights and modern ammunition that would be considered very good shooting even with a modern rifle. Think how hard it must have been to carry enough food, water, gasoline and spare parts for himself and a 1903 engine and bicycle across hundreds of miles of deserts and mountains! Remember, there were very few roads in the mountains in those days. Think of crossing those mountain passes in snow storms, scantily clad and hungry most of the time. So, Mac, tell us, what have YOU accomplished lately?
  18. uncle_punk13

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    Thank you! I was biting my tongue there. As someone who holds Mr. Wyman in the highest regard and as an inspiratuon, and also recreated the ride of George A. Wyman, I wanted to ask the same thing- "What have YOU accomplished lately?" BUT this thread seems to have gotten a bit off topic and so I would like to hand it back over to the original poster, and say good day to all...
  19. To the observer it looks trashy

    But to me,it's a work of art.
    I lost my towel seat when I went for my ride at home. I decided to do without it. The way the seat was angled it was killing my back. So when I returned home,I removed the plastic rack and with the remaining bar,I mounted the seat.
    I really don't care that it looks tacky. It's COMFORTABLE. I had to raise the seat-post some so the seat would clear the rear tire when I sit on it. It kinda bends...a little. :grin:

    Not even a year old.
    When I get the rack mount together Moop is getting a make over.

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  20. ****, that bike is filthy! - I like...