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  1. jla

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    Hey Everybody!:grin5:

    I'm new to the world of motored bikes. I got interested because I needed cheap transportation to go to school that isn't that far away (8 miles).

    I am looking to transform my schwinn prelude road bike. Going to replace the handlebars too.

    I think a 2 stroke kit would do well in the frame.

    I want something that can cruise at 30mph (any more seems kind of dangerous) and one that is not deafeningly loud.

    How is the maintenance side of motored bike. I don't mind small stuff like tightening bolts, and cleaning and lubing parts. I just don't want to constantly replace things.

    What kit do you recommend?
    How much do you think this might cost in total? My budget is probably 200 and under.

  2. darwin

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    Read read read then decide. If your riding your bike to school remember these bikes are targets for thieves and many have been stolen. Great thing is you have dozens of choices it just depends on your wallet and wants, welcome.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Sorry to be a wet blanket.....but I wouldn't dream of going 30 mph on that bike. That would be dangerous. There's also a decent chance that those wheels couldn't take it. But if you've got a good 'feel' for your bike, then maybe they wouldn't be automatic toast.

    But with a budget of $200 and under, you've only got one choice of motor. A two stroke 'happy time' motor kit.

    But that's not terrible. They're a lot of fun.

    Just start reading threads here. In no time you'll get to feel that you're beginning to know these engines a bit. You'll pick up answers to questions that you don't even know you have yet.

    And when you start your build, you'll be confident.

    Have fun and keep us posted on your progress.

    I'd consider a different bike, though.
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  4. jla

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    Yeah I guess your right about the bike,it's a pretty cheap quality road bike.

    Has anybody ever done a Ozone 500 Men's Canyon 26" Mountain Comfort Bicycle before? It seem like a pretty decent bike with full suspension (probably no better than a hard tail) .It has nice space to work with too.


    I was wondering if the GRUBEE 2011 SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc 2 stroke Kit from gasbike.net any better than the ebay 2 stroke-ones or are the all genric chinese happpy times.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Actually, I just answered your other thread about that bike. I didn't realize that that thread and this were connected.

    That beach cruiser is not quite ideal for the job, either.

    I'll make a recommendation; consider the Huffy Cranbrook.

    That's what I used on my last build and (though still quite new) it looks as though it's more than strong enough for the job at a great price.