Just another schwinn jaguar build



Hey there everyone, I havent been posting since my last build out last year but have been keeping up iwth the forum. I am curretnly building a schwinn jaguar and was wondering if anyone else had chain alignment and tensioner issues on a jaguar build. I have got it tunning but keep throwing chains.
I had problems keeping the tensioner in proper alignment
I ended up using a thick piece of rubber on the inside of chainstay to keep tensioner from moving
tractor supply company tensioner

I am ging to try this today, wish me luck, thinking of using an u-bolt on the down tube
chain tensioner woes still

well i have since tried the tractor supply co tensioner, its nice but i cant get it to keep from spinning on the bolt I mounted it on, its a 3/8 bolt and fits tight in the body of the tensioner, should i try to suprman it down some more or loctite it in place, let me know what you guys think, last ditch anwer may be to go back to using the **** tensioner, by the way the motors purring great and h i have had many trips to the bar with it that were fun!