Jackshaft Just bought my engine - now, jackshaft?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by TheMightyGoat, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I remember reading on the forums that not all jackshaft kits will work with all engine kits. Well, my engine is in the mail. It's a Grubee Sykhawk 48cc from bikeberry.com


    Can anyone tell me what jackshaft would work with this kit? Assuming I make it work on my bicycle, of course. (A ten or so year-old Diamondback mountain bike.)

    I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to invest in the jackshaft, but if I get as much use out of this bicycle as I hope I will, I'm sure the urge to shift will grow on me.

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    Not the same. One(SBP) is American made the other is a china ripoff from sbp Cheap quality from the china ripoff .You will get what you pay for. jmo Go with the SBP kit
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    Both kits have china parts

    They are pretty much the same.
    And they both have China parts .
    I own the SBP jack shaft Kit.
    And i still have a boxed item that was made in china.
    From that kit .
    There is more info i could add Between the two kits .
    But it makes no difference Both kits are good .
    And can be be upgraded (bearings/ gears/ chain/ paint)
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    Thanks for the input, people. Looks like I'll be picking one up in the next several weeks, if all goes well.
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    jack shaft

    I have been draggen my feet.I should have posted this awhile back.
    rawmotors is worthless .
    They must be out of business.
    They will not respond to calls or emails .
    Or any other method you try .
    Im sure any kit you chose will work for you .
    Theres a few to chose from.
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    Get the SBP kit. I just did my first conversion and got goin over the weekend. The jackshaft means you can hit cruising speed and drop into high gear for nice low noise, low rev experience. I just find the idea of a fixed sprocket on the back wheel too crude and also a bit boring.

    Mine's a 66cc Super Rat with heavy duty jackshaft on a pretty lightweight steel road frame. Wouldn't be happy if I hadn't gone with the jackshaft.
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    The first engine I bought was from "Luckyearlybird" and that was my last due to poor service, I wouldn't buy another one from them if they were the only suppliers around. I bought 4 from powerkingshop@gmail.com (Ebay.com) and have been happy with their service. I realize that these are made in China, and most kits come from the same place. The seller doesn't have any control with what is in a kit (shipped in the same box as China boxes them), but after the sale is made a good seller should step up and make good. Powerking does.