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    Hi everyone.... I am new to all this and am hoping someone can answer a question for me. I live in New Hampshire and I'm just wondering if I am allowed to drive on roads that exceed my Zuma's top speed? I have a 04 Yamaha Zuma, 50cc and my top speed is about 40 on level terrain and I go down to about 30 going up hills. I want to be able to travel a little farther, through 50mph roads, but I don't know the laws of NH so I've stayed on 35-40mph roads. Can anyone help? Thanks and I look forward to your replies!

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    I ride a 150cc scooter. In Texas, you would be restricted to roads with 35mph speed limits. The NH laws could be more or less strict.
    Riding your 50cc scoot on a road with faster speed limits could be dangerous unless they have an emergency lane where you could move
    over and allow traffic to pass you.
    My scoot tops out at 60mph but I rarely ride on a road with a speed limit above 50mph.
    You are more likely to get that kind of info on a dedicated motor scooter forum like on of these:
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    The 2 stroke Zumas are very fast for their displacement. You should be able to best all the other 50cc scoots except the Aprilia and a few other 2Ts.
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    OP this is a safety issue not a legal one. Stay on roads where the speed limit is 35mph or lower if 40 is max. Cars do not respect scooters at all.