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  1. hey fellas
    after spending a few hours adjusting chain tension to eliminate the tensioner i've been on three rides and had to spend the afternoon doing something so i found the bars for $10 and also wanted some old skool whitewalls. i've already had thoughts of completely stripping it down to bare metal and painting over everything. does anyone have pics of a beach cruiser with BMX style neck and bars?

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  2. MotoMagz

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    bmx handlebars

    These are schwinn bmx bars and neck.Not the tuff neck type neck.
    thanx MotoMagz

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  3. thanks MotoMagz that is what I'm looking for. are those 26" Tuff Wheels or what? Whatever they are I definately want them and would appreciate a good source. thanks

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  4. MotoMagz

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    Got em on Ebay, Item number: 160400264032.You can mount the sprocket to the disc brake holes or make a mount.If you look in buy/sell/and trade area on this forum you can see how I made the adaptor for the sprocket.They sold a while back so search for Magz.Hope this helps if you need more pm me.

    oh ya luv the basket! MotoMagz
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    I bought the same pair of wheels from the same dealer on ebay, and for the sproket mount I used a Top Hat Sprocket Adapter so this all works perfectly as an upgrade