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    Hope everyone is fine, i logged in here because i find myself coming back to this site all the time for some odd reason. I ride a Scooter as well as ride a bicycle for health and exercise regularly im into fit... but what i really want to do is purchase and or build a bike that has a nice pickup and go motor but still is a bike. My scooter is very nice and it do's well but what i am finding out now the particular one that i have is no longer in the us and that i did not know when i bought it and if i need a part i cant find it.

    I need a throttle cable now but it's hard to locate one the one place that said they sell all parts for that particular scooter wont sell it to me because im not a dealer WOW! on top of that i cant find a mechanic in my area who will work on it. They tell me that if they dont sell it they cant work on it..

    So instead of me trying to wait to find a the bike that i want i just assume to build or buy a (BIKE)with pedals put an 80cc engine on it and be happy and know that i can find a mechanic almost anywhere...

    if any of you guy's or gals have any major suggestions that can push this process feel free to advise me i am truly open and i will sell this scooter and or trade or what ever its in meant condition. Oh i do have the cable now but finding a mechanic is wow another story...

    tru street riderz

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    Maybe we can help

    Send some pictures showing detail and I'd bet this group is smart enough to help you fix it yourself.

    You'll need a good set of skills for a motorized bike
    build anyway. Time to get those hands dirty.
    Welcome and good luck!
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    no doubt

    im sure your right i just want to get it fixed and sell it. so i can build me a bike that i am truly interested in...
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    When an issue came up with one of the guys on board here, it was suggested that he try a small engine / mower type repair shop for getting some work done. How about going that route? I do agree about do it yourself though.
    I think there was a post on shortening cables by winding some wire into a ball then silver soldering it into a solid ball. You could do this with a bike inner cable to replace the stock scooter one you have.