just contacted WINNIPEG POLICE and 49cc is legal

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  1. DeathProof

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    just contacted WINNIPEG POLICE and 49cc and under is legal the officer said with reflectors, helmet, front light and good working brakes! i have a 66cc with stickers ripped off lol ill tell em its 49cc :smile:

  2. DeathProof

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    Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
  3. loquin

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    just my $.02, but I'd get it in writing...
  4. tooljunkie

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    im sure i will get hauled off the road,R.C.M.P. wont like me travelling on the highway.
    they dont even like the small electrics around here.
    funny,motored bicycles have been around 100 or so years (probably before cars)
    i may go to the station to get the facts.in writing.
    im keepin it 48cc's.
  5. DeathProof

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    when i phoned he didnt hesitate to tell me that it was legal as long as i have 49cc and helmet etc. but your right id rather have it in writing. it probably depend on the cop if he was a nice or not. as for the rcmp i find them nicer then city cops but i wouldnt push my luck driving on the hiway lol