Just crossed 100 miles on my GEBE and love it!

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    Hi all!

    I just got my GEBE kit about 2 weeks ago. And I've got to say, I love it!

    My bike is a 1995(96?) Garry Fisher Marlin mountain bike. It was my fathers who is 6'4", and I'm 5'8" and it feels a bit big. The seat post to head-tube is 24". Would it be a good idea to look for a used frame that is smaller and just move everything over? I'd like to set it up for comfort as much as possible.

    Second, I don't think I have the GEBE centered over the wheel like it said to in the manual (see pictures). The kit runs fine except for at top speed (30mph) I hear a rumbling/buzzing sound coming from the belt, and I loose power (30% or so) from the engine. This alternates, buzz for 1-2 seconds, then good for 5-10. There are bits of black "dust" around the drive gear housing on the engine (see pictures). I'm not sure how to move the mount over anymore. Can I remove that shiny/chrome nut on the left side of the wheel to make some room? I'm kinda running out of axle... I'm thinking this might be effecting my gas mileage. It looks like I'm getting 90mpg or so instead of the reported 180mpg.

    Third, Anyone have any suggestions to pimp this thing up? :)

    I've got the spoke-grenade gs1000 headlight, an air horn, and side view mirror.

    DSC05299.JPG DSC05302.JPG DSC05304.JPG
    Glad to be here on the forum!

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