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  1. rockvoice

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    I just finished my first bike. Thanks to everyone here for all the tips and info that helped me. this is a trek mountain bike I had for years and picked up a 80cc RAW kit. I call a vendor selling them near my area and he said I could only have it shipped but they were so close I wanted to pick it up, The guy was cool enough to take the kit home with him and i picked it up at his house.

    Thanks again to you all for all the info here . I have already picked up a new bike today for the next one coming soon. Rob.....................

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  2. graucho

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    Fun Fun Fun! The skull cover and flames are awesome. O'all great MB. Have fun on it!
  3. impression

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    That is one sweet build, especially for a first.
  4. Mountainman

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    that's a sweet looking MB

    welcome -- that's a sweet looking MB

    who was the nice guy that brought your kit home with him
    a little mention don't hurt

    have fun as you ride that thing
  5. rockvoice

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    I dont think the guy would appreciate me saying who he is . He said he'd be in trouble if his company found out. I have since found another source for the Raw kits in Stanton (O.C. California) who sid I can just call him and go pick it up.

    Thanks to all for the kind comments. I am in the process of organizing a ride and barbeque in either L.A or Orange county during this spring, if anyone has a location suggestion or wants to join in let me know.