just finished almost nirve switchblade (my version)

took for second test ride so far so good went with the smaller rear tire but have since read blazes post so may go with fatter tire later ( had to get in the wind since ratfink bike broke apart still working on that to went with a gas tank instead of trying to use the top tube for a tank it just doesnt look like it would hold a lot of gas besides i like these little tanks anyway to late for the bike of the month maybe next month haha! on my trip to starbucks the sheriff pulls up they go in get a cup of coffee come back out stare at my bike for like 30 seconds turns to me and says tricked out bike dude and off they went cool any way enjoy the photos i only have a phone camera so pics could be better so far my only issue is the vibration in the pedals starts at about 21 or22 mph and makes me back off will work on (tinglefoot) other than that went with the engine that was in the rat fink so i didnt have to brake in a new engine larry ca




that mount is kick*SS! you layed that engine right where it's 'sposed to be...good eye 'burger 8)

i'm with psuggmog..nice chrome-y look, love the triple-tree :)

anyone remember how the old car front-ends had one speed they would shake themselves to pieces on, but if ya goosed it they would smooth out again?

me, i'm betting it's the long tube-mount...

was wondering, what happens if ya throttle past the "resonance"?


dont know but ill take my feet off on a no car road and find out some back road somewhere and check it out right now i just took the bolt out of the motormount and am using only the muffler clamps to see if it will slow down the vibe a bit ill get back to ya larry ca


I really like the look you've got going there. You've done good :D

I've got to agree with augidog tho. I think that tall mount is where your vibrations are coming from. There's just nothing to stabilize the vibrations out on the end of that tube. It looks like you've got plenty of room to mount the engine low. It might not look as good but I'll bet it would reduce your vibrations. A bigger base on the mount would help too with clamps both behind and in front of the tube. It might be worth a try to drop the engine as low as you can if all other things don't help.

Or you could try adding to the mount you've got and double clamping both ends. Here's a crude drawing with red being the added material.

Just throwing out ideas. :)



Great job and a great looking bike, I'll be using as a reffrence when I do mine. I also agree with Augi, I have one bike that will shake the crap out of you at 25mph but if I open it up a little more she'll run smooth...Kelly


good ideas guys im also leaning to the mount i made the differnce in the one that was on the rat fink was it had a back part to it . this one is strange no vibration anywere not at the tank not on the seat post it rather rides quite smooth till 21 mph and the only thing that vibes is the foot pedals . i may remake the motor mount to have a backing to it to try and pull the vibe back towards the seat post me thinks ill be messing with it in a while have to go back to work next free day larry ca


anti vibration means one thing to me ... insulate direct metal to metal contact with rubber innertubes ect should help to reduce vibration.


About time somebody motorized another Nirve Switchblade chopper! I always thought these were the coolest bikes to put a motor on.

I agree with Jaker on the vibration thing. Mine is mounted super low, and it's a solid mounting directly to the seat tube and the bottom tube. Vibration is exactly the same as yours. Try going 30 hahahahha! The vibration is crazy! I'm sure most of it is just the natural resonant frequency of the bike being close to the engine rpms. The best way probably really would be the inner tube idea. I just never bothered with it. I usually cruise around just under 20mph anyway, but I guess I really should just stick some inner tube in there already. I bet it would be so much smoother.

Keep the photos coming. That bike looks bitchin! The chrome tank is sweet.