Just finished Kulana Moon Dog w/ 70cc Dax, but I have some questions

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    I just recently completed my motorized bike. :lol: It is a Moon Dog, with a 70cc motor. I have learned that the break in procedure is very important so I am trying to take it easy on it, not riding for extended periods of time and not going full throttle for more than a second or two. (is there anything else that can be done to break the motor in as well?) My main question however is about some noises it is making. The engine seems to be running fine, that is until I let out the clutch. Once it is in gear to the wheel, it makes some kind of squeeling noise. When I lift the back wheel off the ground and increase the throttle it makes the squeeling noise and seems to dampen the engines efficiency (also increased vibration of the bike). It seems unstable or a "little shaky", even though the motor mount is very solid and the engine doesnt move or shake at all. One thing I notice is the chain (especially top) seems to bounce around a bit. The squeeling noise is apparent through all engine rpms, but is a little less noticable in the higher rpms (it might just be because it is louder and I cant hear it) So is it normal to have these noises and chain movement? As soon as the clutch is let out it makes the squeeling noise (maybe that in itself is normal?) but the weird thing is this noise seems to continue even after the clutch has been fully engaged with the engine. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any advice you can give, I cant wait to start ridding my Moon Dog around everywhere!

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  2. lube your chain and see if it stops
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    didnt do anything, any other suggestions??

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    I bet your problem may have something to do with the clutch.
    Do some reading Here http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=12236

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    grease the two helical gears, the little one directly off of the crank. and the clutch gear that the little one turns. you won't ever be able to get rid of that squealing completely, but greasing the helical gears on these two will help.
    P.S. don't grease them too much or it might make it's way onto the clutch friction pads. and that would be a bad thing.