Just Finished My First Build

Here is a picture of my first build. I got it yesterday from "Boy Go Fast" from Ebay. Package came in 5 days, was well packed and the instruction were fairly easy to follow. It took me about 4-5 hours to complete, took it out and it started almost immediatly, I attribute the smooth building process to the last month I spent reading over this forum, thanks guys.
My frame is an 18" so I was a little concerned about it fiitting but as you can see from the picture it fit with plenty of room to spare. I didn't have wire ties so I just used duct tape so I could take it out for a ride, I'll change that tomorrow, but for now its "Happy Time".



Looks like time well spent. Hope you have alot of happy miles with it. Thanks for sharing your picture.


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7:21 PM
Apr 7, 2008
Looks great! I just got my boygofast kit going today too.

I'm curious....did you have any issues with the tensioner? I had to tweak mine quite a bit to get it lined up parallel with the chain and able to clamp the tube tight enough to keep it in place and rolling along? It does have a roller bearing but I even had to cut a short piece of tube (I happened to have some DOM tube) to space the nylon roller away from the tensioner plate. Maybe there was supposed to be a spacer in the kit? I have to admit I glanced at the installation instructions but never printed them out or really read them. Maybe that was the problem?:rolleyes:

In any case.....Enjoy!