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    Name's Jim. I'm 27 years old and live/work in Universal City which is a town on the northeastern edge of San Antonio TX. I just finished mounting a Motorized Bike Engine on a 28 inch cruiser frame I bought from Target for a hundred bucks. I got the engine online for $180. So far so good, runs at about 120 MPG using a 1/2 gallon tank and tops out at around 32-33 mph. I use it as my main form of transportation right now as my car recently became incapacitated. :( The only problem I've run into is that San Antonio's city bus line won't let me put it on the bike racks they have mounted on the front of the buses. Oh well, I usually get to my destinations faster on the bike! Another minor problem is frequent flat tires but that abated when I stopped taking it off-road. At first, I thought that I might get allot of jeers and/or ridicule but so far all I've got are people interested in how they can get one. I've thought about starting a little in-house business of putting together these bikes and selling them for profit but that's way down the line. Right now I like to think I'm in the "Research & Development" stage. I welcome any suggestions on how to make the bike as reliable as possible and I would also like to hear about any stories or experiences from people who use their bikes as their primary form of transportation. Hope to learn a lot!
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    welcome, jim!

    do yourself a favor.....install Mr. Tuffies (or similar) tire liners. especially in the rear tire.

    its a tough and wide, but thin strip of plastic, that goes between the innertube and tires.

    in the beginning, i'd get a rear flat once a week. sometimes 2x in a single day. after installing tire liners, i've gone a year with only one rear flat for all my personal bikes.

    i ride bikes as my primary mode of transportation, also. many of us do.
    cruise the site, and you'll see lots of tips re: maintenance.
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    welcome Jimmy -- RIDE THAT THING

    well - there are many here on site doing just that
    putting those HT kits on bicycles and selling them

    my friend down the mountain bought one of those a while back
    this was before I ordered my Station set up
    he didn't even get one hundred miles on that HT
    before -- NO SPARK !!!

    you wouldn't want to leave ones hanging like that
    you would need some extra parts and equipment so as to repair

    because most only really want to -- RIDE THAT THING
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