Just finished spoiler project w/6.5'' wide friction drive kit!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bicycle ron, Jul 18, 2008.

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    I originally installed a 130x80x16 rear motorcycle tire. Looks good! But I did'nt take in concideration: No chain or belt room for whatever engine I decide to go with? Me and some welding/fabricating buddys made one for almost nothing! I had called everywhere to find one and no one made it! It so far, works great! I just finished it a few hours ago, so tomorow I'll really put it through the test![knock on wood!]:shock:

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    hey ron; good looking ride.
  3. bicycle ron

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    Hey man, I'm hooked! I love building these bikes and I keep saying I'll stop! But I'll be driving down the street and see that someone has thrown a bike away, and I just wanna throw it in the back of my truck and rebuild it! Give it away to someone that can use it! Anyway, thanks!