Just finished the Bike again

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  1. Did a remodel of my four stroker , much nicer bike now , redid the chains , and cut down the chopper forks and modified frame to suit , and made a fuel tank.
    Happy New Year .

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  2. GearNut

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    Oh wow! That is Niiiiiccceeeee!
    You do damm good work!
  3. moped-dan

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    ****! That is SICK! I would love cruising around on that thing!
  4. Thanks .it took a while to get it right , next is a leaf spring font end .
  5. that thing is bad to the bone
  6. Irish John

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    Simon she looks great since I saw it in your shed. It's he best looking tank I've seen yet. Is it steel tank or fibreglass? I'll call by this week with the bearings. Did you change the gearing at all and if you used that drive sprocket that came with the kit they need to have the nut tightened on properly because they way they are assembled in the factory the sprocket aren't on the shaft far enough and come loose. I'm sure you spotted that though.
  7. Hi John , the tank is steel with some body filler to smooth things out , Ive got a 40 tooth rear sprocket and I still feel it could easy pull a 36 .
  8. I straightened the exhaust today , made a center stand and put an old Stewart Warner speedo on , so heres some updated shots .

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  9. MalakTheBeast

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    This is a man who takes pride in his ride, great job all around!!
  10. butch27

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    That is just perfect. What is the wheelbase?
  11. Thanks , its far from perfect but I am happy with it overall , Im already planning a better frame .
    Wheelbase is approx 58 inches .
  12. beast775

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    one of the nicest ive seen!great lines on the frame.:cool:
  13. coax1ogsking

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    Gorgeous build!... I mean rebuild...

    :cool:That is a gorgeous bike man. I like everything about it. I'm in awe!:detective: Killer build, er...rebuild!