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  1. possenti

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    My second build. Let me remind everyone that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This bike was inspired by willimoto's roadracer found here:


    Mine is not nearly the specimen that his is, but I'm pretty happy with the results:


    As with my last bike, it was pieced together with parts from various bikes that had been thrown away. The frame was a 24" girls style so I cut the bar out and welded in a 3/4 pipe horizontally. The tanks are PVC, since I had great success with that material before. The clear fuel line below the vented cap gives me a good fuel reading at all times. I reinforced the frame with 11ga. gussets which didn't add much weight at all. The most interesting thing on the frame is the rear motor mount:


    I made the "ears" from 1/4" flat and the tube is a 3/4 pipe with 1/2" heater hose through the middle. A 1/2" bolt holds it all in place. The mount is rock-solid but isolates the engine from the frame with 100% rubber. I made another mount for the front, but the engine that was shipped to me was rounded out more in the front so the 3/4" pipe wouldn't work. I clamped it directly to the frame with some thick rubber pads in between.

    Since I'm too cheap to buy one, I fabbed up my own double pull brake lever:


    I took two identical levers and securely "piggybacked" them together. They work pretty well. I have some street tires on order, and I'm going to try a 36 tooth sprocket. I'm also going to attempt to build my own boost bottle in the near future - once again, the "cheap factor" arises...

  2. GearNut

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    Your bike came out really nice!
    You do good work.
  3. rockvoice

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    Nice job man, i love it.
  4. rkbonds

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    Nice build. Could you give some more details about the gas tank and what all you used to complete the tank?
  5. possenti

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    I'll try to explain: It's 2" PVC. Instead of using end caps, I "contoured" the ends to accept 1 1/4" PVC laid in at an angle to sort of "wrap" around the handlebar stem. I didn't really get the desired effect because I had to space it back further than I planned but it turned out OK. It took several hours of grinding and sanding to get the ends to fit. I made the cuts with a bevel, so when the pieces joined up, there would be a "V" shaped gap. I then cleaned, primed and glued the ends on the tanks. After that dried, I filled in the "V" with several layers of JB weld. It took about a week to fill, let cure, sand and fill again. The fill cap on top is threaded 1" PVC fittings. As for the 1/4" barbs for the fuel lines - I drill the PVC, dope up the barb threads and run them into the hole. I was confident enough with this bonding technique that I didn't even leak test it until the bike was sanded, painted and engine kit was installed. (I admit I was sweating a bit while finishing the build...)

    A cool feature is the ability of the top tank to hold a little reserve gas. Due to the slant of the frame, the area near the seat keeps some in it after the rest has drained into the bottom. If I run out, I can get off and tilt the bike forward to drain more into the lower tank to (hopefully) get home :idea:.
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    Hey, man, GearNut is absolutely right. You do very good work.
  7. wheelbender6

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    I like the motor mounts and gussets you added to the frame too. That's a bullet proof build.
  8. Top Cheese

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    I don't even know what to say. Thats just amazing.
  9. Chris Crew

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    You're showing us the way, young feller.
  10. machiasmort

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    Long time no hear!

    Now I know why! Nice build man! 1 Q, What kind of a frame did you start with (donor's also) and what welding method did you use. Looks like you got good penetration on the motor mount.
  11. possenti

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    Hey smort! Yeah, I've been a little busy. Still tweaking the bike right now. below is a pic of the donor bike parts. It's a mix of about 4 different bikes. I took the "Rand" name on the frame as a good omen - it's the last name of one of my favorite authors :grin5:

    95% of the welding was done with my little Hobart Handler with fluxcore wire at home, the rest was with the big Miller at work. The paint is Massey Ferguson (the tractor co.) red.

    Just got the new skins via UPS tonight. I mounted the front one, and I'm waiting for my 36T sprocket before I mount the back one. I'll try to post back with updates. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. machiasmort

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    Almost unbelievable you did that w/o gas! You got real lucky that the metals jived!!! Must have used a magnet? Killer work man! Can't get over it!