just found a new engine- Pocket Bike rack mount?


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May 21, 2008
clearfield utah
does anyone see a problem with this working? as a frame mount.


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Should work -- why not --- yes, here we go --- in the old days the boys would throw just about any kind of engine on their paperboy racks -- and the fun was on !!! What kind of engine is that ? Looks pretty solid.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
I think your concern will be, "How wide is it?" It may well interfere with the pedals. Could work with a crank forward bike. Anything is possible. It's just a matter of how to make it work.
hi; i think that is the engine i ordered this week, if so it is a pull start 49cc for 99.00--scootercatalog.com they have a series of motors, clutches, and things that will work for our rigs.
Its a gen2 48cc aircooled pocketbike motor. Usual bounting is bolts through the bottom and the flange by the clutch housing. You can get away with just using the bottom mount.

They are wider than the happy time engines though. But quite usable.
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The HT has an internal gear reduction that this engine doesn't. It was designed to run a much smaller wheel than bicycle wheels, so you're gonna need a jack shaft or a gear box.