Just getting into the MB game with Scwinn Meridian trike

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    I have a Schwinn Meridian three wheeler and will be buying the "Schwinn Meridian Rear mount kit with the Honda GX35" from Stanton. If anyone has had any experience with this setup, would appreciate pros and cons feedback.

    Both wife and I are in poor health and a little long in the tooth (She's 70 and I'm 72) for two wheel bikes. At first considered the Honda GX35 front wheel friction trike kit, but think the rear mount will prove less hassle and more trouble free. We live in Arizona along the Colorado River in a small retirement community and residential area is only two square miles. So want it mostly for just going down to the post office, visiting and puttering around neighborhood..

    We have two ATVs and could have gotten one registered and insured for street legal, but we want to keep them reserved for the dirt, not to mention they are gas hogs.

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    With your riding radius, you could use almost any drive system and be in good shape.Though I've never used Staton stuff, they are described as "bulletproof" you should have no problems other than a tire change every 3 years or so.Take your time mounting it, and then enjoy the petrol savings.
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    Whoops, my bad just noticed this area is for Traveling and Commuting. Methinks I should have started this thread in the General Discussion section.