Just given an 08 Ambassador without engine

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  1. A friend just gave me an Ambassador without an engine. I have a WC-1 with one of Quenton's rebuilds and an auto clutch. Would it work on the Ambassador. Concerned about the starter and the different transmission on the Ambassador. Don't know what all else I am missing, but it looks pretty complete.

    Any idea where I would look for an engine and transmission for this and a ballpark for what I might need to spend?

  2. wingnut

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    i have an 08 ambassidor , with a 212 cc predator & a commet torke a verter , it runs to the original sheave , it will loop the speedo 001.jpg
  3. wheelbender6

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    That is really cool, wingnut. I had thought of putting a Briggs Vanguard V-twin in an Ambassador but it sounds like the Predator 212 is more than adequate. If you have a build thread, please post a link, wingnut.