just got a 1999 whizzer

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    i just bought a 1999 whizzer in mint cond with 120 miles on it for 470.00, runs great however i have read about the wc-1 motor,if i change the oil every 50 miles what would you think the longevity might be,i never drive it over 25 mph also what do the ne-5 mods cost and are they hard to do,thanks Gene

  2. RdKryton

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    Hello and welcome to the Whizzer family.
    First be very careful not to overheat the engine. That is the main cause of the valve seat failure. Changing the oil at fifty miles may be overkill but it certainly will not hurt. The NE upgrades are not very difficult to do mechanically speaking but the parts are getting very hard to find. Whizzer is still offering the upgrade kit but it is expensive. $466.10 is the price listed on the website and you still have other things to do to make it bullet proof. Some members here may still have parts that will let you do it less expensively. It is worth while doing the upgrade for both the performance increase and the increased longevity of the engine. There are many good threads about the WC-1 in this forum. Good luck and enjoy the ride.

  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Gene,

    Help is on the way! I just aquired a small quanity of early NE cylinders. As soon as I find time, I will re-work the cylinders to fit the WC-1 motors. Many have requested these parts, therefore it might be wise to contact me and make sure your name on the list.
    The cylinders will be stock [with a couple of minor upgrades], and will allow the use of most of the WC-1 parts [carburetor, piston, rings, exhaust manifold, & compression cover].

    Please understand these are rare cylinders, and the supply is very limited.

    Have fun,