Just got a Yellow one!


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Jun 26, 2008
Just got a Yellow one! Now with Pictures!

I just picked up a new whizzer the guy said it was an 07 with an 08 carb. Got the yellow with 24 inch wheels. MAN this thing is FUN!! I rode over 50 miles today and man its fun. cruises around 30 no problem but have been keeping it around 25, I did get it to 35 once or twice though. What kind of speed can I expect when I unrestrict the carb.

One question, my belt squeeks off the line but not a constant squeek just like eeeek.....eeeek......eeeekk and faster and faster until about 12mph where it goes away. I weigh 245 pounds is this just normal? the sprocket seems to be about a 1/4-1/2 inches off center and that is why its not a constant squeek. If I get it centered will it go away?

heres a pic didnt really feel like setting up a good scene plus im going to newyork in an hour.


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Hi Matt, and welcome to MBc. Congrats on the new Whizzer, but be careful about how fast you take it to during the break-in period. Mine has over 200 miles on it and I'm still keeping it at 30 or below.
Regarding your squeak, it sounds like your belt might need to be tightened. I'm not sure if your bike came with the optional belt tensioner, but if it did it will be a simple job of adjusting it. All you need to do is take the belt / pulley guard off to get to it. The belts that come with the Whizzer are of average quality. Go get yourself an Ames AX-27 to replace the front one once it stretches so far you can't compensate anymore. I speak from experience there.
Regarding the sheave being a little off-center, centering it a bit better may help reduce that low speed squealing.
Again, welcome to MBc! Why not pop into the "Clubhouse" and introduce yourself. We have a section for that. Also, we'd really like to see photos of your Whizzer. We also some of the best Whizzer "minds" on this board who can help you with any questions you may have about your new ride. Enjoy the ride!
O yeah and Ill definitely take some good pictures when I get back in town on the 3rd. Im a photographer by trade so Ill take some nice ones. Next to the 59 chevy truck me and my dad have been working on.
Hi matt On most Late model Whizzers I remove clutch mount and mill mount back to get proper alienment .Makes A huge difference,, Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
Hi Matt,
I agree 100% with Bill, cause he knows his Whizzers. Another area to inspect would be the rear belt sheeve, if it is off center the belt will loosen & tighten as the wheel rotates. If you need help centering the sheeve, just ask.

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yeah I really love the yellow. I like yellow but on the site it seemed a little weird but when I got to the dealer I just had to have it. Its one of the better looking yellows Ive ever seen.