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Jul 30, 2008
The motor vehicle division does not regulate bicycles or bicycles with pedal assisted motors.

I am posting the email below, I have witheld the name of the lady who posted it because I dont think it would fair to her to inundated with questions.

Mr. Dennis,

I received your e-mail and fax requesting information about the rules and regulations regarding bikes with motors on them. The rule you included in your correspondence, Sec. 103.17, was a rule that was used to determine what types of motorized scooters were considered motor vehicles for the purpose of licensing and regulation of the manufacturer and dealer of a particular scooter. That rule has since been repealed.

The products you describe would still require pedaling to get started, so they would not fall under the definition of motor vehicle in the laws administered by the Motor Vehicle Division. Your questions about registration and MSOs are best answered by the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division. Their contact information can be found at www.txdot.gov/contact_us/vehicle_titles_and_registration.htm.

Please let me know if you have further questions.
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