just got bit by the motored bike bug. does anyone know the cure?

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    hey everyone,
    just got bit by the motored bike bug. does anyone know the cure? yep build a badass motorized chopper bike.i just purchased a jesse james chopper and will be trying to outfit it with a 11hp motor, i ran into one problem though, should i use a centrifigal clutch or a torque converter, i will be riding this up mountains and at least 60 miles a day any suggestions? thanks for you help and good to meet you all............................MARIO from san diego~!!!!

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    most of the engines we use are less than 3 hp... so i dont think you will have an issue with either clutch setup as far as power goes.

    do you already have the engine??? if not can i recommend the gx200?? it has PLENTY of power and it will be much easier to explain to the cops.

    good find on the jesse james chopper, they are cool and hard to come by... look around the picture gallery, there was a guy that successfully mated the back end of a Schwinn chopper bike and the front of a jesse james bike... it was bada**.

    good luck and be sure to post some pictures.
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    how do you cure the mb bug... you ride till your out of gas....then you do it again tomorrow i dont know if its a cure but it sure keeps the withdraw effects down lol
  4. I would buy a sprocket adapter from pirate cycles with 11 h.p. on that beast.If not,You may rip or warp spokes and get hurt.The adapter will put power on the hub Instead of pulling the spokes.Just some friendly advice from someone who been through this before