Just got hit by a car!


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10:11 AM
Aug 4, 2006
Moraga/San Luis Obispo, CA
I'm going down the road in the bike lane... all the sudden someone passes me, then makes a right hand turn into a driveway. They slowed down like they saw me and were gonna let me by, but turned right as i was about to pass them in the bike lane. I skidded and bumped into their trunk, no injuries to my bike or myself. I rode up next to the guy and shouted profanities in his face while he tried to justify himself. I told him that I had the right of way and he needs to open his eyes...

Scary stuff!
You might feel sore or injured in about three days.
I am not saying sue him but you should have gotten his CDL# and plate# at the very least.

Just my two cents. Glad you and the bike seem OK.
I know that feeling and it's hard to shake off. Makes you start assuming everyone will be like him (the driver or idiot).
Did you get his numbers Tom?
I would have decked him. He wouldn't have retailiated or anything for he knew he was wrong. And you would have felt better.
Kids,don't try that at home. That is left to trained professionals.
dude that is not cool but you got unscaved lucky man i got messed up from my fisrt incounter but have found out that they dont care in parking lots but dont keep an eye out for bikes

its like oooo look its a bike i have time to turn ooo dang his fast ( bbrraakkee)
we almost got hit by a car again i swear later man