Just got hit by a car!

I was breezing down a parking lot a few minutes ago getting movies at Blockbuster I got a movie pass I rule and this chick with a cell phone started backing out of her parking spot right into my path. I yelled HEEEEYYYY!!!!
And she like slamed on her brakes and looks around and DOESN'T SEE ME!
I mean there are some CRAZY people out there.
Probably the most dangerous parking lot I know of is at this Wishbone restaurant cause about 90% of the people that eat there are senior citisens. That means the parking lot is FULL of senior citisens driving to get there.
I don't park at that parking lot. Oh no. I park on the street across from it.
I rear ended a pickup truck one time. He changed lanes right in front of me and hit the brakes. No damage except for a busted reflector