Just got into MB San Diego

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hawaii_87, May 14, 2011.

  1. hawaii_87

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    Hello my Name is Charles just got into riding and already in trouble by the fuzz. haha. Black crusier red wheels and white walls with a 66.9 motor with a black finish.

  2. GearNut

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Sorry to hear that you already got into trouble. What was the issue?
  3. StoreKeeper

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    Rx Bruce
  4. hawaii_87

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    Broad daylight right??? No Headlight no taillight, no turn signals, no moped plate, no Dot Approved helmet (was wearing a bike helmet), no M2 license. Threaten to impound my bike. Not a good way to be welcomed into the sport.
  5. GearNut

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    For daylight riding you still need a headlight and taillight with brake light (yeah, I know... sounds goofy to me too), mirror on the left side, a Motorized Bicycle plate which is different than a moped plate, a DOT helmet, and an M1 or M2 license. Turn signals are not required, but at least use hand signals to CYA.
    I agree with you on "Not a good way to be welcomed into the sport"., but you gotta play the sport within the rules of the sport or else the referee will get you.

    FWIW, the city of LaMesa has an all out ban on MB's. There is nothing you can do to be legal there.
  6. Big Red

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    Hey GearNut, LaMesa is in California, Right? How, If you are registered with the State of California DMV and meet all requirments for license and safety, Can ANY city ban a legal mode of transportation? I'm sure that has to be a city ordinance and has NO authority over state law. I dont know what the M.B's are doing about it in LaMesa, but I think I could beat that ticket.
    I was just wondering if you had any more info on this.
  7. GearNut

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    LaMesa is a small city within the county of San Diego. It's about 25 miles or so east of San Diego city proper.
    The way the Cali law is written, individual cities and townships can write whatever laws they want to pertaining to motorized bicycles and the local law presides over the state law.
    Within the state of Cali MB's are legal when licensed and.... you have the proper bike gear, head gear, and driver's license.
    However certain cities and townships have a stick jambed solidly up their a..... um... yeah....you know.... and write laws banning them within their city/ town limits.
  8. Frankenstien Bikes

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    Bummer dude, Hope I don't get hassled in SD, I just started my build..
  9. BoltsMissing

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    I know we across oceans, but never had any trouble, ride "under the radar" and keep a low profile.
    Some times I pedal, "fake it till ya make it", type of thing.
    It's too easy for some of the "norms" to find an excuse to complain, and complain they do....it's their kick cos they can't get on a MB themselves, "mumsy" won't let them!
  10. Sup SD riders! I personally have not got in any trouble with the police, I've driven right passed SDPD, National city PD, Chula vista PD, Coronado PD, Harbor PD, Military PD. And was at a red light And a small motorcade of CHP on the right of me:sweatdrop: but no problems as of yet, la mesa is not my turf so I stay clear. Other than that what are you guys doing on the roads to get rolled up on?

    All I got on my bike is what's in my pics.
    yes I got dot helmet. Mabye I'm lucky? (Knock on wood) lol

    Be cool SD!
  11. hawaii_87

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    Well good news. I was warming my bike up to tune it and I was moving it across the street (no helmet) and a SDPD officer rolled up on me. I thought **** I'm screwed right??? NO!!! he was cool. He was asking me, what it was where did I get it, did I build it. He then asks "Can I see it???" He gets outta his car I say here all yours. He sits on it and just thinks its the coolest thing ever. It looks like its from the 1940's. Then he gets a call and it spoils his fun and had to go take off. But that was awesome lol. I wish more poilice officers were as cool as this guy!!!
  12. Lol awesome! Yeah some cops are cool, when your not the one they are after that is!
    I would of loved to see that, I'd let him make a few donuts if I can hit the lights and sirens lol. No but seriously at first your like oh s**t right? Lol that post made my night.
  13. hawaii_87

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    You have no clue how scared I was hahaha. I went from cold and pale in a milisecond!!! But I've gotten some thumbs up from cops before while crusing. Just avoid downtown. A real great place to cruise is where the BNSF Rail hub in National City on Sunday!!! No cars no people no one. Couple of street are freshly paved and just a nice cruise.
  14. swaney3

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    I havn't had any problems I wear a DOT helmet.. have a head light (white led) and tail light (red led flasher) that I turn on if riding after dark. I ride on the roads using bike lanes when available and never use the motor unless I'm on the street. No problems so far. I live in Santee California.