Chains just got my kit Friday, tips on chain alignment

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    Can't get the chain aligned and broke both my chain and the u bolt mount from piston bikes. I was wondering if the adapter that connects to the hub would be my best bet because I can move it back and fourth on the wheel hub for alignment. Also the chain that came with my kit looks exactly like the chain on my mountain bike. Is there a bigger chain that will fit? I have a feeling that a larger chain will fit better

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    Chains can be upgraded, and yes the adapter is good, as it can be adjusted laterally. If you have a HT, bevel the sprocket gear on both edges slightly.
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    i used a flat piece of stock about 6" long and cord tie down from a mini blinds. drilled holes and bolted to the chain tension
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    Standard chain is 410 and can be replaced with single speed bicycle chain, it takes two pre cut chains if you get them at walmart, target etc. The upgrades are larger, 415 you will have to get from one of the kit suppliers or ebay. I run 41 chain on both of my bikes, I buy it at tractor supply in ten foot length. Thats enough for two chains if you buy extra master links. I don't use a chain breaker I grind the braded end off the link then knock itapart with a punch. Twenty $ for two chains, not bad.
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