just got my new bike going


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12:43 PM
Aug 20, 2008
i got my Z 80 on friday afternoon and since then have been trying to put it in, i have run into a couple of problems, only minor, just getting longer bolts and that for the engine mounts, but this morning it was all in and ready to go, but when i was trying to start it, it just wouldn't fire, after double checking my coil wires and making sure it had spark, the next thing was to check and make sure it was getting fuel, that is where i found my problem, i pulled the bowl off the bottom of the carby and there was no fuel in it, but there was oil. lol, stupid me had put a bit too much oil in with the petrol and i didn't mix it well enough before i put it in the fuel tank, so i assume what has happened is all the oil has sat at the bottom of the tank and only oil has went though the fuel line and got caked up in the carby so i cleaned it out and it fired up pritty much straight away, i only did 100 metres on it because it was dark but i am going to ride it to work and back tomorrow so i will see how it goes tomorrow, i will put a pic up tomorrow.