Just got rained on... bike won't start

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by SpenceDawg, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Hey so I just parked my bike outside a building, and while I was inside for no more than an hour there was a flash thunderstorm. Now my bike won't start. I ride it a little bit and when I release the clutch it sounds like it's trying to get going but there's no spark or something. Any idea what it could be? Will it most likely start once it dries off a little bit?

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    the insulating material on the mag coil seems to be water soluble - get it wet and coil fails

    use a multimeter to check blue to ground for about 350 ohms (some old ones are 250 & some new ones are 480)
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    I only ever had my bike fail in the rain one time, turned out of all things it was my cdi. Do you have a multimeter?
  5. Shake it off.
    Keep it dry for a few hours, and it will probably re-start!
    Next time you have the magneto cover off, inspect and clean magneto rotor of any surface rust / dirt.
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    Ohm out your Magneto, should be 325ohms on the blue and black, if 0 there is a short and you will need a new Magneto, also make sure that your kill switch is NOT hooked up as that will short the system also, I ran into the Same Problem, (though I was Riding through the Rain), also get some RTV and Fill the Hole wiggle the wires in and Out to Remove Air Bubbles and to ensure it (the hole) is Filled, re-assemble, clean where the Cover Joins the Body and then with a Finger wipe and good amount around the cover and Body, apply a little at the threat side of the Screw head, then snug the screws This will Make a water tight seal for the Magneto cover.
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    Oh I should mention that I once was riding in a nice downpour and all of a sudden my bike stopped running. I thought it could be wires or mag got wet and shorted. All tested fine on meter. Well turns out my cdi died, I didn't know if it was rain related or not, but I swapped it for another (both were stock at the time) and it ran fine.

    I think I had the cdi right under my down tube, so the water throw up from the front wheel would be throwing water directly on it.

    Worth maybe looking at of all else fails (or in this case hasn't failed)