Just intro'ing myself hoping to find help tuning my NT Speed carb

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    My name is Joel Lamoureux. I have being motorized biking for over a year and am on my second grubee skyhawk GT5. I broke the rear motor mounts out of my 1st one due to chain alignment problems. My new motor came with a CNS carb, but I cannot get it tuned correctly. I like the simplicity of my NT Speed carb from my original motor, but it loses power on hills, is really loud and races when I engage the clutch when i finally do get to the top of the hill. I really don't know if i'm running rich or lean. I've seen the 5mm jets avail at sickbikeparts.com but i have no idea which one(s) to get. I have no drivers licence and this is my only mode of trasport so i'd like to get it to run right. Any help would be apprec greatly!!

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