Just Ordered a BIKE! Worksman LGB!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by echotraveler, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. echotraveler

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    Hello friends,

    Just ordered a Worksman Bicycle! Industrial LGB Model, it so kick XXX, it will be black, with wide seat, red rims, front drum break, and rear 3 speed coaster break. A dream bike!!!

    ive been around the board for some time now. Actually im not sure how I discovered motor bicycles, but im in love :tt1: .

    Since then ive been planning a bicycle, first thinking of a cheap bike. But after i saw an antique Bicycle club i fell in love with the "cycle truck"s they had!

    Some time ago i went to Barcelona, were they have a public bicycle system and the bikes have big wheel in the back and small wheel in front, since then my quest was to buy a cheap bike and put a small wheel in front no matter what!...but then i saw the old "Cycle trucks" and understood how it was posible to have small and big wheel in one bike.

    well, i went around asking for cycle trucks, and some guy told me he could sell me one....for 1,500 dollars....an old bike!! what the heck!!!!!!!
    Kept on searching and those old bikes are super expensive!! i guess they do have a historical value, but im not into a bike because of the old times, im in it to use and abuse! :devilish:

    looking around i found like 2 or 3 makers of the "cycle truck" style, and the Worksman seems very well build, and within a price i could pay, not cheap, but you pay for what you get.

    Im so excited!!! its gonna be a long wait! :helmet: but im very happy with my puchase! =-) just wanted to share my happyness!!!
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    That's cool. It is exciting, isn't it, when you place that order for something you've been wanting. Now you gotta wait a bit. And that isn't so easy either.

    But it'll be worth it. And the worksmans look like fine machinery.
  3. srdavo

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  4. echotraveler

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    lol sicho truck!
    thanx! man, still your bike is very unique...is it safe to ride??

    ill sure post pics when it gets here!=-)
  5. srdavo

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    does your workman come decked out with the basket?

    I don't know if it's safe....lol, but I'm riding it, anyway!!!! :tt2:
  6. mikem

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    Cool !

    I'd be excited too waiting for a Worksman bike ... super cool! I've never seen one "in person" but have drooled over their ad pictures for a long time. I hope you'll be posting pic's and reporting on what it's like.

    Have you got a motor in mind?

    Envious in Michigan,
  7. beachcruiser

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    I ordered my worksman bicycle on 01/05/09. It was the INB
    20" straight bar frame, with front and rear drum brakes, low rise
    handle bars with 11" stem, deluxe sealed crank set with 44T sprocket'
    saddle is 13" extra-wide with springs. I recieved it last night 02/05/09.
    It came completly assembled except for seat, handle bars, stem, peddles,
    and reflectors. This is one impressive bicycle. Shipping was through Bax
    Shencker- that accepts oversize boxes and no limited shipping weight.
    A lot more forgiving than UPS shipping. Your wait will be well worth it for
    the LBG model.
  8. bluegoatwoods

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    Sorry to get a bit off topic,

    But is that an old Yamaha XS 750 you're riding in your avatar, MikeM?

    Sweet bikes.
  9. mikem

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    Sears Motorcycle

    The bike in my avatar is a 1960's (mid to late 60's I think) Sears motorcycle. I believe it was actually made by Garrelli. It was a 4-speed, 4-stroke, 106-cc ... sounded like a little Harley. Very nice little bike once you got used to the European style brake/shift arrangement. Something about it made people look and wave when I'd go by ... had lots of fun on it before selling it some years ago.

    Thanks for asking ... good memories ... sorry if I rambled on in Echotraveler's Worksman bike thread. Hope he posts more pics soon.
  10. echotraveler

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    hheheheeh:grin5: i would too!:helmet:

    yeah the basket is included in the basic model, hope to go grosery shopping soon!! they just told me ist gonna take 3 weeks! :D
  11. echotraveler

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    sure thing...im going for a 50cc 2-stroke happy time, im guessing that for uphilly terrain i may encounter needs some muscle.
    what i dont like is the tanks they come with, so im alredy thinking of a decent tank for the bike.

    i would like a cylinder chaped gas tank...to put behind the seat...
  12. echotraveler

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    no prob bros its cool :cool2:
  13. echotraveler

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    soon soon!!! worksman just email me telling the bike is almost finished!! theyll try to ship tomorrow or monday!!! woo hoo!

    ill post pics of the box arriving and my happy face!! lol
  14. mikem

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    Bike's in the mail!

    Hooray for bike day!
    Looking forward to the pic's.

    Jealous in Michigan,
  15. http://saturnsurplus.com/miscpage/fueltank.htm

    there were all sizes of round tanks on vintage briggs, lawson, clinton, power products, etc engines

  16. echotraveler

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    thanx knucklepanshovel!

    sorry for the spelling bros...still, today i found a couple old ones, on the evil bay, a new one would be better yet!
  17. echotraveler

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    GAS* is killing me

    *gear acquisition syndrome
  18. echotraveler

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    hello friends today is the 24th and the bike is in Puerto Rico, scheduled a pickup after work.

    worksman shipped the 20th of february and the 24th it got here. Bax global has the best tracking ever!
    im so happy about this.
    ill keep you guys posted.

    Original Post (crazy gas echo thought)

    hey guys worksman told me today that the package was shipped on friday... the good folks of workman gave me a bax global tracking number wich says the package is already here in Puerto Rico, but it was odd that the arriving time of newark nj was 10:30 and the arriving time to Puerto Rico was 10:03 so i knew something was not right....

    then the puerto rico status box says "exception scan*" ok so i called Bax and the good miss told me the bike was still in NJ and that it seems it may be in customs, but the the estimated departure is still the 25th..

    hope the guys in customs dont ride it before i do...lol

    its actually a pretty big package, over 100 pounds!!!

    any of you guys know Bax Global?
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  19. worksman

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    worksman recently revamped its e-commerce website, and has plenty of options for those looking to motorize their bikes (and get some cool baskets, too! hehe.)

    they also added a discussion board. anyways, check them out.

  20. try1897

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    Hello, Without a doubt Worksman makes the best bikes in the U.S... You got a bike that will last a lifetime. Well maybe not cause mine died many years ago when it was backed over by a milk delivery truck. True story ...Years ago when the world was still a friendly place they used to deliver milk to our house and leave it on the porch. Well the driver forgot that I didn't listen to my father and always left my bike just laying around in harms way and crunch I was out of the paper delivery buisness and he must have listened to his dad cause he was still delivering the milk . The bikes are great though and will last a long time. I run a set of 26 x 2.125 Worksman Clincher 36 spoke rims that are spoked with 11 g / .120" spokes thru welded steal rims that are 1 & 3/4 inches wide and the toughest made in the U.S. So they say ....... Tom