just ordered this




Sturmey Archer X-FD 70mm Drum Brake Front Hub
If you are looking for massive stopping power, instead of expensive disc brake conversions consider the American made Sturmey Archer.

was looking for some front braking power came across this seeing how all i got is a coaster brake anybody try these yet i think i would feel better knowing i have more brakeing power coaster brakes as you all know just lock up and go into a skid in those unpredictable moments can be quite nerve racking. larry ca

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Sturmey Archer X-FD 70mm Drum Brake Front Hub
( Spooky Tooth Cycles )

Price per Unit (piece): $50.00




- Front Hub with 70mm Drum Brake features sealed journal bearings for long life and a smooth ride.


- Hub Shell Material - A356 Aluminum
- Bearing Type - Sealed Cartridge
- Axle Diameter - 9mm
- Axle Length - 136.0mm
- Over Locknut Dimension - 100.0mm
- Spoke Holes - 36
- Pitch Circle Diameter - 89.8mm
- Flange Width - 55.8mm
- Spoke Compatibility - 1g or 14g - Weight - 770g
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I am going to tuscon tomorrow to pick up my wheel with same hub for my deviate project
I disabled my coaster brake so I hope this does the job :)

oh man, that's nice...is it ok to fall in love with a bicycle part?

(no seat-post jokes, ya dummies)
Nice. I was going to install one when I built my Nirve chopper, so I could have front AND back brakes. Unfortunately, the local bike shops were quoting the drum brakes at around $270! That was almost as much as my bicycle cost. Needless to say, I never installed one. Now that I can get one for $50 I am reconsidering.

Azkronic- Are you going to change the front wheel spoke pattern to a cross-three pattern, or will you leave it as it is, with the spokes going straight from the hub to the rim without crossing each other? I am curious about the effect of all that braking torque on a wheel without the added strength of crossed spokes. Let me know how it works. It will be valuable information.
not sure

I am not sure what pattern
Roland is building wheel
man, I tried to ride bike with no brakes like we did when we were kids using my shoe on back tire ...talk about scarey stuff :)
I wanna ride my bike so bad !!!
cool let me know how it works i ordered mine thru my local bike shop because spookytooth only had one left which was already for somebody else so my bike shop found them at the( quality bike parts ) which is a dealer thing . so it comes out of flordia so will be 5 days for i get it then the bike shop will install it for me i belive he said we needed to cross the spokes to make it secure better instead of the way the spokes are straight something like that shez these drum brakes were hard to find till i looked on spooky tooth there in the bike parts wheel section at the end of the page . he also said that he gets them from back east to thats why it takes 7 days to ship unassembled but if you live in arizona then you can order and have the wheel ready like az did anyway waiting for it thanks larry ca
hay foyeburger

hay foyeburger, im pretty sure azkronic got that last one from spooky tooth, cause we are going to go pick it up 2morrow. one good thing about living in arizona, actually 2. weather, and local resources, gotta love it!!!!
ahh haa!!! cool hopefully ill have mine thursday next week and be on the road for the weekend lol larry ca
alright part came into bike shop looks nice he got my wheel and he's working on it. cool came with the cable also. larry ca