Just picked up a schwinn o.c.c. chopper bike...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motorpsycho, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. motorpsycho

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    So i have never really been much of a fan for the o.c.c. chopper bikes because they seem to be cheaply made, and the chrome on them is prone to rust really fast.
    well, i spotted one at a garage sale today and it looked nice.
    the asking price was $40.00, but i got it for $25.00 because the seat pan is busted off the seat post. it just needs to be welded back on...no big deal.
    the tires are like new, the frame is black and the paint is decent. it does have a few scratches in it, and some of the decals are scratched. The rims are both true, and it rides nice. it did have a tiny bit of rust on the chrome front forks, chrome handlebars, and the chrome rear fender. i got every bit of rust off using a good old s.o.s. pad.
    so i decided that i'm going to remove all of the decals because chrome flames and lettering really don't do anything for me.
    I'm either going to weld the seat pan back onto the seat post or make a custom seat for it...i'm not very fond of the big, fat original seat.
    so i have not yet decided on if i'm going to motorize this one or not (it'll probably happen eventually) because i know that it takes a special bracket to mount a happy times motor to this frame. but man, this bike begs to be customized!!
    my friend has already volunteered to let me take his 66 c.c. 2 stroke off his bike for this one.
    we'll see what happens.

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    I bought one for my oldest son, my thoughts are to mount the engine on a 1/4" plate and the plate to the bottom bar. Doing it this way I can off set the engine to the left so the rear "BIG" tire is not in the way. I can make a 75 degree "V" (perfect angle for a HT) and weld it to the plate. Drill and bolt mounts to the engine, set on plate and weld. Doing it this way will require the use of bolts for the mounts (for engine removal). I just might bolt the bracket to the 1/4" plate and use either steel or aluminum as the base thus allowing the use of studs.:confused:
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    OCC motor mount

    Seems like 3/16 has been pleanty for three of my builds(steel). Sorry only have pictures of my 5 speed but the 1 spds both have similar mounts. Bases are slotted for motor/ chain movement.

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  4. Al.Fisherman

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    I'm sure that 3/16 would be enough, I have some 1/4" aluminum and plate laying around tho.
  5. motorpsycho

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    where did you get the engine mount plate and the brackets that clamp it to the bottom frame tube?
    did you make it, or buy it?
    if you bought it, where did you get it?
  6. james65

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    motor mount

    I build all my own motor mounts (and about everything else) in my basement/shop, they have proved to be rock solid.